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Heisenberg tee! I have a pile of these guys left over, if you’re a Breaking Bad fan then this one is for you! you can pick it up through my craft store by clicking through or following this link!

I’m quite poor right now, so you will be seeing lots of products added to the store daily, keep checking back!. Digital and screen prints will be up tomorrow!

Personal Illustration 2013

this guy, too good

Space Zine

Ill be working on some layouts and tests for this the following week, its basically a zine full of my space doodles, star patterns and random information, the plan is to riso print it so i can do a few hundred to get up on the store for pennies, ive also got some new screen prints to be put up too, and a varety of A1 glichee prints!. a bit of stress this week but when thats out the way ill work on getting the store running again!

Jungle Cat!
Something i pieced together on the train back from a failure of a weekend.
Dissertation research had taken me to the peak of Mow Cop in search for unusually looking domestic alarm systems, none were found, and my camera died in the downpour, and i got splashed by many cars, and then to top it of i found a cat that had been hit by a car and was dying, it was a sad start to the day.
Im using this account more recently because i kinda miss tumblr, but i know when i log into my other, i have about a months worth of all kinds of uni/ commission work i need to post up, and i really don’t have the patience to resize everything.
Anyway hit it up people of the night, big updates to come soon, when i stop being this lazy.

keep your eye out …

For NUS spotlight magazine in November, i was comissioned to produce 9 illustrations for it over the last week, job done! and might i add generously payed for, i guess i should probably pay my rent tomorrow now, sigh

Just some lions!
Its a bit of a long shot with this tumblr account now, but would any of you guys fancy sharing this image? Its for a competition over at ohh deer, the illustration was for an article called busting the myths of feminism, Anyway it looks nice as a pillow so i thought why not got it a go!

This exhibition is pretty much ideal!

check out the link, its called 3AM wonder, paranoia and the restless night. Its on at the bluecoat and opens at 6 or 7pm this friday, any of you crazy people fancy going?


New cheeky collaboration with Azealia Banks x Jam Sutton x Me 5/5

The Animal Collective, a work in progress but a little look at whats going on so far! You can pick yourself up a print by following the click through link!

more animals!

Jamie Bryan
Animals in people clothes, a series of illustrations I’m working on!.
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